Being a creative community and marketplace, it’s important for us to clarify the terms of use for each the lovely products and services listed for sale on our site.

But don’t worry. We know that licensing can be complicated and confusing.  So we’ve made it our goal to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible while providing you with the flexibility and support you need.

That’s why we’ve put together this page to explain the legal terms of our licenses in plain English. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’d be happy to help you.




  • Personal: Unlimited Projects
  • Commercial: Use the Item in one (1) Project and up to 500 sales
    • Exception — Fonts & Add-Ons: Can be used in unlimited Projects and sales but installed on just one (1) workstation



  • Personal: Unlimited Projects
  • Commercial: Use the Item in up to (1) Project and unlimited sales
    • Exception — Fonts & Add-Ons: Can be used in unlimited Projects and sales and installed on up to ten (10) workstations


  • Personal: Unlimited Projects
  • Commercial: Use the Item in up to (1) Projects and no sales
    • Exception — Fonts & Add-Ons: Can be used in unlimited Projects but no sales on one (1) workstation


  • Personal: Unlimited Projects with credit to original author (per their terms)
  • Commercial: Use the Item in one (1) Project and unlimited sales with credit to the original author (per their terms)


  • Covers all educational products and online courses
  • Gives you one (1) ticket to the item that you’ve selected


  • Agreement covering custom work between you and one of our Sellers
  • Exclusive ownership rights of work created are transferred to you upon completion

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does licensing work?

In case you’re new to this, here’s the low down. All creative work is subject to copyright. To be able to use it in your work, you need the creator’s permission — which comes in the form of a license.

So when you make a purchase on Teakie.com (or anywhere else for that matter), you’re not only supporting a talented creative, you’re entering into a contract to license their product from them. This license is a legally binding contract that defines what can and can’t be done with the item.

There are many types of licenses out there and they can vary from site to site. You only need to purchase the one that works for you. This is to protect the rights and hard work of creators everywhere.

Sounds overwhelming? It was to us too at first. But it’s totally standard and once you understand the ins-and-outs, it’s business as usual.

To simplify the process for you, we have licenses that are aligned with industry standards, but with a fun twist. Keep reading to learn more about them.

What licenses do you have and which one is right for me?

There are 5 licenses and 1 service agreement that apply to products sold on the Teakie marketplace.

With the Standard License, you can use the product for personal purposes, on up to 1 commercial project (i.e.: for your own business or for a client) and up to 500 products for sale (i.e.: t-shirts).

Then there’s the Extended License, which allows you to sell an unlimited number of end products!

Should you wish to use the item you’ve selected in more than one commercial project or sell more than 500 end products, you can buy multiple Standard Licenses or an Extended License.

These 3 licenses cover most products and services on the Marketplace, but not everything! We have additional licenses to best serve you and your creative needs.

– The Basic License: A variation of the Standard License, this license allows you to use the Item in one commercial project where there are no sales.

– The Collaborative License: This license allows you to use the Item, even commercially, so long as credit is provided to the author. This license is a great way for creatives and artists looking to get discovered and build their reputation around the globe.

– The Learn License: This license gives you a single ticket to all educational items and online courses that are sold on the Marketplace.

– The Services Agreement: An easy-to-understand contract to cover any custom work between you and one of our vendors.

For more information, you can read the full terms here.

What does “Personal Use” mean?

Personal Use is considered work that is not for actual or potential monetary gain. When you’re creating personal projects for yourself, this is generally where you’d be.  Examples include home videos, a personal blog, wall art as a gift for a friend — situations where no money changes hands.

What does “Commercial Use” mean?

As soon as the product is used in the context of a business, not-for-profit or other organization, it is considered Commercial Use.

What is a “Project”?

A Project refers to the ensemble of a body of work for a single client that may result in one or more End Products. They are related under a single concept.

For instance, if you’re creating a blog for yourself, this is one Project. If you’re creating social media content for a client, this is one Project. If you’re creating YouTube videos for a single client, this is one Project. But if you’re creating YouTube videos for two clients, that’s two Projects.

What is an “End Product”?

An End Product uses the Item purchased on the Marketplace to create a custom creation or implementation. In other words, end products must be significantly different from the original item and take time, effort, skill and creativity to produce.

If the Item is a web theme or template, the End Product uses the item to create a website which may entail an installation, changes to the appearance and custom content. For example, you purchase a web theme to create a  blog or website for your business. The implementation of the web theme to produce your website is the End Product (and 1 Project). Web themes and templates cannot be resold as stock or as templates.

For other types of Items, an End Product uses the Item as well as other elements to produce a new creative work. For example: the item is a styled stock photo and the End Product is a e-guide. The Item is a font and the End Product is a client logo.

End Products cannot redistribute the original item as stock or as original files in any way.

An End Product can be distributed for free or for a fee.

What is an “End Product for Sale”?

An End Product for Sale uses an Item purchased on the Marketplace in a derivative product that is being sold for a financial gain or similar value exchange. For example, purchasing a graphic from the Marketplace to be printed on a T-Shirt — the t-shirt is considered an End Product for Sale (and 1 Project). Under the Standard License, you may sell 500 items. Sales over and above 500 units require an Extended License.

What is an “Installable Item”?

Glad you asked. Installable Items are digital products that actually get installed directly on your computer. For example, to use that font you love, it must actually get installed to your hard drive to be able to use it.

I found a font that I love! Does this mean I have to buy the font each time I want to create something new?

The short answer is no! When it comes to fonts and other installable items, the Standard License covers unlimited projects and unlimited end products so long as the installation is made on ONE workstation only. To add other workstations, you can either buy additional Standard Licenses or grab an Extended License which can be just right for your agency or small business.

What do you mean by one workstation?

One (1) license permits you to install the licensed Item on one (1) workstation owned by a single person or company/organization at one (1) single geographical location. The Item may also be installed and used on a laptop as a secondary, alternate-use device.

Can I redistribute or resell products that I’ve purchased?

Under no circumstances can the products purchased on the Marketplace be resold, redistributed or repurposed, even for free.

Are shop owners allowed to sell their products using custom licenses they create?

No, not at this moment. If there are specific rights or licensing you would like to discuss, please do let us know by writing to us at [email protected]

Can logos be trademarked or copyrighted?

No they cannot. Trademarks and copyrights of logos are not the responsibility of Teakie or Shop Owners because they vary from country-to-country and require legal consultation.

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