About the Product


Studio Manager & Designer (Part-Time / Freelance)


Remote—anywhere in the world (we’re based in MTL, but geography holds no limits)


Teakie.com is an online business devoted to solving a problem: To empower people to do work they love.

To do that, we help small businesses, entrepreneurs and creators through our digital studiomarketplacedirectoryeducation and content. We’re also actively involved in developing and marketing innovative digital products such as TeakieCare.

This is an amazing opportunity to work with a growing, progressive, female-run technology company specializing in content creation, business strategy, technology, design and digital marketing.


Our goal is to become a world-leading tech company doing things differently (read more about us here). To support our growth, our focus for 2019 will be to continue to serve our clients, develop our offering, market our platform and nurture our community.

We’re looking for unique members to join our team and to apply their skills, background, portfolio and creative chops to contribute to our fast growing business.


Your role at Teakie will be dynamic and entrepreneurial. Your primary tasks will be to provide support to the company as a whole, with a focus on design, content creation, social media, community and client projects. You will work directly with the CEO and Creative Director.

You love design, branding, digital media and marketing. You have a creative soul and thrive in environments that give you just enough room and structure to do some of your best work. You have a defined aesthetic that you continue to hone and develop. You love being your own boss but also like working in a collaborative, team environment. In fact, you sometimes kind of miss the IRL coffee breaks.

You’re talented. You’re passionate. And you want to be a part of something awesome.


  • US$500 for approximately 10 – 15 hours of work on a monthly basis


  • As Studio Manager, you’re responsible for helping manage and execute the various elements of the Teakie platform, products, community and clients
  • As a Designer, you’ll work with the Creative Director to create designs for in-house projects and client work following our standards, strategy and brand
  • Contribute your visual direction, graphic design and personal touch on in-house projects and client work
  • Content creation for marketing campaigns, social media and newsletters
  • Assist with brand communications with internal and external stakeholders
  • Contribute and help manage the Teakie community and act as brand ambassador
  • Track project time commitments and milestones
  • Other specific tasks as necessary


At any moment, BUYER can cancel the contract if they feel that the result is not satisfactory. Billing for work done up to receipt of the cancellation notice will be due.

At any moment, SELLER can cancel the contract if they feel that the result is not satisfactory. Billing for work done up to receipt of the cancellation notice will be due.


All work created from the Project is the exclusive property of the TEAKIE. We reserve the right to display your work of the present mandate on our website, marketing or promotional materials.


For more information, please refer to the Teakie Freelance Agreement.


Billed monthly until cancelled

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