Teakie.com is a digital marketplace, directory, studio & educational resource for businesses, bloggers and professionals.

Looking to activate your network? Increase your visibility? Use social media? Create digital products? Sell your products or services online? Even with technology at our fingertips, building a successful online platform takes skill, strategy & style. That’s where we come in.

Through our Marketplace, Directory, Studio, Websites and Education, we’re bringing you the tools you need to build a powerful online platform to support your business goals.

  • The Marketplace is designed to make buying & selling digital products & services as easy as 1-2-3. Earn 70% of sales, easy setup and no hidden fees. Start selling today!
  • The Directory aims to connect creative talent, professionals and businesses around the world. Exploring the directory is free for everyone, and so is joining for a limited time only!
  • The Studio is focused on delivering high-end, custom digital & design projects for established businesses & professionals. Have a project in mind? Get in touch here.
  • The Blog delivers practical education for businesses and bloggers looking to learn develop their skills and digital chops. Looking to expand your knowledge? Visit the blog today.
  • TeakieCare is the ultimate Website and Digital Management Membership for savvy influencers & businesses looking for a turnkey website, digital partner & peace of mind. Need a website? Learn more here.
  • Studio Papier is our luxury stationery boutique. We love to make brands & people standout through our line of semi-custom and bespoke collections.

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The Marketplace provides premium digital products for use on websites, social media and digital media to grow businesses and brands online.

Modern websites, fonts, social media templates, styled stock photography, brand stationery, workbooks and other premium products and services are just some of the items you’ll find here. Because we’re selective, you can count on our shop to offer only the most exceptional products.

Create a free account so you can save your favourite products to your Wishlist, make purchases and more!

Want to sell your products or services on our marketplace? Begin your application process here.


Directory of talented entrepreneurs, content creators and businesses ready to help with your next project.

Exploring the directory is free for everyone, and so is joining for a limited time only. With your account, you can bookmark your favorites, send direct messages and share opportunities for projects you have on-the-go!

Membership profiles are by application only and must be renewed annually to ensure that our directory stays up-to-date.

Post Opportunities and get featured in our newsletter and social media for increased exposure. Learn more.


Our blog is devoted to sharing tips, tricks and how-to’s on using digital and social media

The Blog shares how-to’s, resources and other useful information focused on digital and social media. We’re pulling together some of the best content around to help you improve your digital game.

We’re always looking to collaborate with incredible people. We accept a variety of mediums from blog posts, videos (hello, YouTube!) and audio (like podcasts!).

Have your say and share your unique perspective with us. Contribute your expertise here.


Whether you’re part of the Shop, Directory or Blog, we’d love to feature you. Simply fill in a short questionnaire about you and your work here! As soon as we receive it, we’ll schedule you in for a feature on our blog and social media accounts.


We believe that everyone has unique gifts and abilities. That people that are fulfilled in their personal and professional lives build happier homes, stronger companies and, ultimately, greater societies. That business is an important force for good. And when creativity, integrity and meaning are added to the equation, remarkable things can happen.

We believe in changing the way businesses are run so that people, and not resources, are at the core of it. We believe in doing all things wholeheartedly and with heart, or not at all. For us, business is personal, and that’s just how it should be.

While Teakie combines technology and design to allow our customers to grow their business online, our number one focus is and will always be on our people. Because no matter how technology evolves, we know that people — and their creativity — are here to stay.

When it comes down to it, we’re a community. A community of people doing work we love.


How We Got Started

After several years working in corporate finance and investment banking, Dayna realized that she missed her creative, entrepreneurial side. But most of all, she missed making an impact on real people every single day.

A creative at heart, she turned to the web and discovered the world of design and digital media. Before she knew it, it blossomed into a full-fledged passion.

She taught herself to build websites using WordPress, create with Adobe, use social media and learned the ropes from scratch. She also met a community of passionate creatives and entrepreneurs along the way.

She realized that more tools were needed to connect and empower people to pursue their dreams. This inspired her to create a space to share knowledge, create connections and help others navigate the digital era in a fraction of the time.

Inspired by salty tiki huts and a love for all people, Teakie was born. A community where products are sold and connections are made. Where people are empowered to do work they love.

Today, Dayna is a Montreal-based entrepreneur, digital strategist & creative director devoting her time to Teakie and a select few consultation projects. She is also the founder of The Hashtag Dictionary, a free collection of quality, well-defined hashtags in more than 50 niches and growing. To read more about Dayna, visit her personal blog, daynaelyse.com.

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