About Us

Teakie is an online platform dedicated to helping businesses grow their brand and online presence.

We transform businesses into brands and powerful digital platforms.

We’re Teakie.com, a full-service online platform and community for contemporary brands and businesses.

We’re trusted by a plethora of client types to bring their ideas and products to life. From bloggers to business owners, we help create a polished and strategic online presence that aligns their goals with technology and design.

Our work encompasses brand strategy and positioning, websites and online platforms, technology and infrastructure, marketing and communications for an elevated online presence. Our partners are experts in their domain, and whether working collaboratively or independently, they do so from the heart.

Since we first opened our virtual doors in 2017, we have worked on a variety of projects for new and established brands, from small businesses to entrepreneurs, influencers, and mid-market firms across North America.

Shop innovative digital products in The Marketplace, manage your digital brand with Teakie Care, discover talented businesses for one-off projects in The Directory, gain strategic insights in The Academy, and receive a complete digital transformation in our Studio.

We believe that great work cannot happen without passion, excellence, intelligence, and — above all — love.

Our Products and Services

We’ve carefully orchestrated the Teakie universe to change the way people manage their digital experiences.

Our mission is simple. To empower you to do work you love.

Our mission is simple. To empower you to do work you love.

Our Values

Our values define what we stand for and how we do things, coming together to build an experience you can count on.

1. We believe in quality

Quality is in everything we do – both online and in real life. We pay attention to intricate details to create work that is impactful, classic, and enduring.

2. We cultivate beauty

Combining on-trend design with function and fun, we strive to bring style and sophisticated design into every aspect of our work.

3. We are practical

We are highly process-based and deliver practical tools, systems and efficiency across every endeavour.

4. We are progressive

We believe in humanity, making our community accessible, diverse, and inclusive. We view this not just as a responsibility, but as part of our calling.

5. We do what’s right

Doing the hard work is easy, but it’s doing what’s right that counts. Building meaningful relationships based on trust is at the heart of everything we do.

Meet Our Founder

Dayna Elizabeth Hajaly is Montreal-based creative director, entrepreneur, and Founder of Teakie.com.

With formal training in corporate finance and investment banking, her work is focused on building upscale brands, powerful digital platforms, and meaningful customer experiences, while approaching all she does from the heart.

She draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, the magic of storytelling, and the inherent goodness of the human experience; bringing these concepts together to do work that she loves — and inspire the same in others.

To learn more about Dayna, visit https://daynahajaly.com/

Career Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented professionals to join our team and to apply their skills, background, portfolio and creative mind to contribute to our fast-growing business.

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We’re bringing you products and services to build a powerful online platform and achieve your business goals.

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