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Enjay Converters

Elevating a leading North American food packaging manufacturer.


  • Sourced and collaborated with other talented professionals across the US to help execute the project
  • Embraced contemporary photography and food styling to showcase B2B packaging products with an enhanced and appealing aesthetic
  • Received great reviews about the modern aesthetic from community members


  • Digital Publishing
    • Product Catalogue
    • Sell Sheets
    • Tri-Fold Brochure


  • Karlee Flores, Olive and Artisan — Product Photography and Styling; Portland, Oregon
  • Alex Cottles, The Routine Creative — Graphic Design; Dallas, Texas

About the Client

Based in Cobourg, Ontario, Enjay Converters Ltd. has been a leading provider of packaging for the food and baking industry for over 30 years. They specialize in the manufacturing of high-quality and food-safe packaging products for the retail, supermarket, and processor industries.

With over 800 stock products— including cake and pastry boxes, cupcake liners, and specialty laminated boards for fish, meat, and cheese markets, Enjay’s SQF and 3rd party audited manufacturing facility are best-in-class. Their customers continue to trust their dedication to quality.


Looking for a way to enhance the curb appeal of their products — and a way to elegantly present over 800 SKU’s of B2B packaging products — Enjay hired Teakie for Digital Publishing solutions.

With the evolution of the marketing landscape and growth of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, products typically available only in wholesale quantities were becoming more widely available, making it imperative for Enjay to increase its visual appeal and brand to consumers in order to be able to expand their sales channels at a point in time.

As a market leader, B2B businesses like Enjay are typically driven by strong wholesaler-buyer relationships. As such, marketing efforts are often focused on traditional methods, including attenting industry tradeshows, growing their salesforce, and competitive wholesale pricing.

This presented an opportunity for Enjay to distinguish themselves from their competitors, differentiating themselves by embracing contemporary trends in the food and baking industries.

Often, products in this space are lackluster with basic, outdated images. With the evolution of aesthetic made possible by platforms like Instagram, we felt it was important to update Enjay’s photography to present their products in contemporary, strategic, and sales-focused way.

By looking at their marketing from a new perspective, they also recognized the need for enhanced visual appeal to attract new customers and increase their brand recognition across the US and Canada.

The main objectives for the company’s Digital Publishing project were:

  • New marketing materials: Enjay knew they needed new marketing materials — namely, a catalogue, sell sheets, and a tri-fold brochure.
  • Enhanced showcasing: The company was seeking a better way to showcase their products and support their sales efforts, including better photography, informational organization, and design.
  • Tradeshow assets: Tradeshows and baking expos are a key part of Enjay’s marketing efforts, and their branded marketing materials needed to display their capabilities and catch people’s attention.
  • Differentiation: Within the B2B industry, products often compete based on price and client relationships. We wanted to position Enjay above the rest by not only enhancing their branded materials, but by demonstrating their dedication to excellence and superior quality products.


To overcome these obstacles, we focused on presenting Enjay’s products in a more clear and appealing way to improve brand positioning and recognition.

Handling the entire project from A to Z, we teamed up with Alex Cottles of The Routine Creative for graphic design services, and Karlee Flores of Olive and Artisan for product photography and styling. Focusing on contemporary photography and food styling — and working with an influencer and content creator — allowed us to elevate the aesthetic of basic B2B packaging products.

From there, our Digital Publishing solutions used the defined this aesthetic to redesign Enjay’s product catalogue, tri-fold brochure, and sell sheets, with photography and graphics flexible enough to be used in other mediums, including on social media.

To amplify the effectiveness of these printed materials, we strategically reviewed Enjay’s range of over 800 product SKU’s, organized the information for a sales-focused experience, and presented each product within the catalogue and on double-sided sell-sheets. Only the most important information is included on these materials to ensure a customer can quickly assess what products are right for them — and how they can effortlessly place an order.


In addition to flattering reviews from customers, our Digital Publishing project with Enjay has brought meaningful change to the overall aesthetics and marketing strategy of the company.

  • Information organization: By pouring over, organizing, and optimizing the over 800 SKU’s Enjay produces, the new sell-sheets and catalogue are designed to give customers the information they’re seeking to simplify the sales and ordering process.
  • Modern catalogue and brochures: Enjay includes their newly-designed catalogue and/or brochure in every package sent from their manufacturing facility.
  • Branded digital assets: The company has digital versions of their catalogue, sell sheets, and brochure available on their website for easy download.
  • Contemporary photography: The strategically styled photography shot for Enjay is used to enhance the visuals of their website and Instagram account.
  • Increased social media presence: Enjay’s catalogues and marketing materials make regular appearances on Instagram in product photos shared by satisfied clients in Instagram stories.

Enjay continues to thrive in the B2B food and baking packaging industry, equipped with modern visuals that showcase the quality and beauty of their product. We continue to work with Enjay, including our work in March of 2020 shooting new product lines, and updating all designed materials.

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