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Handrigan & Associates

Launching a relationship-first corporate transformation business.



  • Strategized and designed the brand direction representative of the firm’s founder
  • Launched a powerful online platform to support Handrigan & Associates’ business objectives
  • Created a professional online presence for a new advising firm

Success Metrics

  • Email open rates over 50%
  • New followers on company LinkedIn page
  • New visitors to website


  • Digital 360 for Small Business
    • Copywriting Essentials
    • Brand Essentials
    • Pro Website Setup
  • Teakie Care Membership


  • Copywriting: Carlene Kurdziel, Montreal, Quebec
  • Photography: Dariane Sanche, Montreal, Quebec

About Handrigan & Associates

Handrigan & Associates (H&A) is an advisory firm based in Montreal, Quebec specializing in corporate transformation. Founded in 2019 by Susan Handrigan, the firm was created to provide turnkey solutions to meet its clients’ personal and business needs.

H&A is uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs move into the next stage of their business lifecycle, focusing on building deep relationships as clients navigate roadblocks and challenges.


Backed with such a strong foundation in the banking industry, Susan was looking to translate her expertise online for the first time. Susan was looking for a trusted partner to help her build a website that represented her unique process and approach to advising; and that’s where Teakie came in.

The main challenges Susan faced were:

  • Website: Susan was unsure what tools, services, and solutions could help her build a professional and polished online presence.
  • Branding: H&A required a logo, color palette, and photography that communicated the strength and professionalism Susan lends to every client relationship.
  • Copywriting: Most importantly, Susan was finding it difficult to plan, gather, and write copy for her website, and was looking for a supportive team to help her bring it all together.


During the early stages of the partnership, Teakie worked with Susan to create a new brand identity that represented everything Handrigan & Associates stands for: honesty, respect, and communication.

The website design and copywriting phases of the project were completed in conjunction to create a user-friendly digital platform. Positioned as a relationship-first advisory firm, Susan wanted H&A’s website copy to showcase her professionalism, focus on real relationships and building trust with every word. A comprehensive copy development process ensured that Susan’s voice is heard throughout H&A’s website, emails, and social media presence.

Our Mini 360 services are a focused version of our Digital 360. During a Mini 360, we’re able to perfect every detail of a website design — including visual and photography styles. Susan’s website photos reflect her character, and complement H&A’s brand positioning.


Our time together resulted in a defined brand that speaks to the vision Handrigan & Associates was founded on. Armed with a digital platform that clearly communicates the firm’s unique approach to advising, Susan and her team confidently direct clients and new leads to the Handrigan & Associates website,

  • Online business presence: Teakie Care provides the tools and services needed to create and maintain a professional online presence.
  • Digital platform: H&A is now equipped with a powerful digital platform to build trust, support business activities, and simplify communications as the business grows.
  • Strategic and visual direction: Susan was able to garner the tools, solutions, and direction she was seeking at the outset of the project — all completed during her time with Teakie.

The Handrigan & Associates website went live in August of 2020, using the launch email and LinkedIn post designed by Teakie to announce the occasion to Susan’s network of over 250 email contacts and hundreds of LinkedIn contacts.

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