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Altium Wealth Architecture

Digital transformation for a leading Canadian multi-family office and wealth management firm.



  • Strategic positioning in the Canadian multi-family office and wealth management sector
  • Completely custom brand identity and website design to support thought leadership and business development objectives
  • Redefined mission statement, company values, approach and service offering to better represent the firm and it’s team members
  • New business documentation, systems and templates for enhanced communications and internal efficiency
  • Activation of network through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and email
  • Enhanced client experience to reinforce the team’s sincere approach

Success Metrics

  • Email open rates over 50%
  • Click-through rates over 20%
  • Activated LinkedIn company page
  • Thousands of impressions through organic reach
  • Happy clients, proud partners, and a connected community


  • Digital 360
    • Strategy and Positioning
    • Brand Identity and Toolkit
    • Brand and Website Copywriting
    • Custom Website Design and Development
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Client Experience
    • Digital Publishing
    • Luxury Stationery
  • Digital Brand Management 


  • Creative Producer: Dayna Elizabeth Hajaly,, Montreal, Quebec
  • Brand Identity: Alex Cottles, The Routine Creative, Dallas, Texas
  • Copywriting: Carlene Kurdziel, Montreal, Quebec
  • Translation: Ubiqus, Montreal, Quebec
  • Website Development: Hambly Freeman, Devon, England
  • Print Production: Quadriscan, Montreal, Quebec
  • Photography: Dariane Sanche, Montreal, Quebec

About Altium Wealth Architecture

Altium Wealth Architecture is a Montreal-based multi-family office helping individuals, families, and foundations protect their wealth — and their legacy — for generations to come. Unaffiliated with any bank, financial institution, or product, Altium provides investment management and family office services, as well as an in-house operational platform, allowing them to deliver quality solutions for their clients in a convenient, efficient manner.

After having been acquired by management in 2015, Altium experienced rapid growth and transformation under the helm of the new President and CEO and the team. In 2019 — recognizing the need for a strong online presence, powerful technology, and modern tools —  it was clear that this transformation called for a complete branding and digital overhaul.


Recognizing the need for a redefined digital experience and brand identity that better represented who they are both internally and to clients, partners, and prospects, the team approached Teakie to complete a Digital 360.


Taking the firm’s unique approach into consideration throughout our time together, we created a digital platform that is aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and practical for both the business and its clients.

We provided a comprehensive solution by taking a deep dive into their business, operations, and strategy to determine an action plan, executed with the collaboration of a global team of talented professionals.


With the foresight to recognize the value of a comprehensive digital strategy, platform, and infrastructure, the firm was able to quickly adopt a modern approach, equipped with the tools and technology and an enhanced brand experience.


Altium’s palette was developed using warm, neutral, earthy colors inspired by nature.


The type system reflects the decision to implement a professional, sophisticated and easy to use visual system for the firm.


Icons were custom designed to complement the firm’s visual identity in a unique, symbolic and memorable way.

Beyond Investments

Altium’s mission is to take care of their clients, and protect their wealth for generations to come. This video was developed for their website and represents their mission through nature, a common visual theme for the brand.

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